Spring has officially sprung and right along with it - the spring housing market is in full swing. Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or you just want to clear out the cobwebs and freshen up the place, the outside is a great place to start. Your home’s curb appeal can greatly impact the first impressions of potential buyers, so it’s important to put a little TLC into it. We’ve put together a quick and simple guide to help you boost your home’s curb appeal and leave a lasting impression.

  1. Work that green thumb - adding greenery and flower accents to the outside of your home will go along way to freshen up the look. You don’t need to spend a tonne to make a big impact.  A few standing planters and flower boxes to accent key features…

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Bright, Bold & with an Entrepreneurial Spirit.  That’s the perfect definition of Edmonton’s popular urban centric Westmount neighbourhood.   Located off Groat Road and minutes from the university and downtown, it includes the popular 124th Street area shops and restaurants with a mix of character homes that blends history with modern charm.

A community that consistently places in the top 5 neighbourhoods to live in the city, it’s where Ryan Lister calls home, and where he crafts specialty soaps on the side.  Ryan launched Westmount Soap Company a few years back and cleverly names each one after Edmonton neighbourhoods, like Oliver, Glenora and Summerside. His most popular bar of course happens to be the neighbourhood he lives in – Westmount – and…

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A big thank-you to plant lover and guest contributor this month Kimberly Wynn for partnering with us and sharing her top tips for creating an indoor house plant oasis.


"Kim my plant is dying! How do I save it?"

"Kim, the leaves on my _________ are turning yellow - what do I do?"

"Kim, I have a black (or brown) thumb. Please help."

"Kim, what's the best plant for someone who forgets to water all the time?"

Messages I get all too often on Instagram DM. Although I don't call myself a plant doctor by any means, I have through trial and error, become somewhat of a plant whisperer. I truly believe everyone has a green thumb, but only some have unlocked the natural powers within! What's the secret? It's all about choosing the right…

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