On a beautiful warm summer evening in south-east Edmonton, Michele Theoret relaxes and watches her sons play by the water as they frolic with the family dog.  It’s a common pastime for the yoga training instructor and psychology counselor, who values peaceful surroundings in her neighbourhood and life. For this lucky family, the beautiful, enriching environment is accessible not only down the street at the Lake Summerside community beach, but incorporated right into their own home.  

“The house itself has become such a lifestyle,” says Michele. “You’ll notice my meditation corner randomly in my living room instead of having a separate space where I practice -- quite often I'll get up in the morning before everybody gets up and even if it's…

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"Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your home and life around that answer." - Joshua Becker

It’s something we ask every single client we work with, getting to the root of what’s most important in their lives helps steer the direction. For those that love being within walking distance to established amenities or the ones that thrive on a street lined with towering trees and can appreciate the history of Edmonton’s 107 maturing neighbourhoods, infill is an option that’s been gaining substantial momentum in the last decade. 

Over the past ten years the number of building permits issued in mature neighbourhoods has nearly doubled, breathing new life back into these vital areas. It’s a movement not just about…

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