October 2019

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Nestled beside Kingsway Mall, NAIT and the new Blatchford development sits the old Edmonton Oilers Office building. Built in 1974, it was the original home for the franchise until it moved when Rogers Place was completed in 2016 - the hallowed halls a treasure trove of history, memories and wins for the team and for our city.


It’s a property that holds a lot of historical significance to the hockey community but when it went on the market - it was unclear how much of a future it might have, until it was brought forward to a group of local doctors looking for a new home. “It is so historical because it comes right from the beginning of the franchise,” says Kerri-lyn. “That’s what got us excited when our clients came and were interested in

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Flipping a house into your dream home is a great way to build your investment but it’s certainly not for the faint of heart and can take a lot of money and resources that most already time-stretched families don’t have to spare. If you don’t have a team of HGTV professionals to help you through, another great option to consider might be buying a turn-key home in one of Edmonton’s emerging neighbourhoods. These newer communities are specifically tailored to families and first-time buyers looking to start their next chapter, and they can be an excellent place to build a home. 

A shining example is the northeast community of Crystallina Nera. Perched at the very top of North Edmonton slotted between 82 Street and 66 Street just south of the Anthony

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