Perched at the very edge of the Edmonton River Valley with spectacular views of the city from downtown to the university, sit two shining examples of luxury living in Edmonton. Nestled within the established community of Laurier Heights, 8512 134 Street and 8516 134 Street exemplify the incredible progress that’s been made in the city’s Luxury market within just the last decade. 

It’s a trend very familiar for Architect Sebastian Mielczarek "The home is now becoming a piece of artwork - a type of expression where owners want to showcase to their family, to their friends and to the community that their home is a representation of their personality and part of who they are as a human being," says Mielczarek, Partner of designtwogroup inc.

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No matter how far your career takes you– there is just something about coming home and being recognized by a hometown crowd that makes hard work and sacrifice worthwhile.

On Saturday, November 17th, Jason Holland was recognized as the Sturgeon Hockey Club’s first inductee to the Hockey Walk of Fame, inside the town’s newly constructed Morinville Leisure Centre. 

With the Morinville Jets and St. Albert Merchant’s teams lined up on the blue line, Jason walked out onto the ice with a wave to the crowd as the Sturgeon Hockey Club unveiled a banner recognizing Holland’s lengthy hockey career. 

“It was a real honour to be back in Morinville and to be recognized,” says Holland. It was unexpected but a really nice gesture.  I have so many…

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While many sharp, shiny new condos and commercial towers continue to rise up above the River Valley, one expansive redevelopment project stands to shape the future of Edmonton's downtown.  Rooted in history on the east edge of Jasper Avenue, the rustic three-story Pendennis Hotel is undergoing a spectacular transformation that will blend history with open, modern design and spark new interest in the area.

“We have not seen much revitalization in the Quarters and it has unfortunately eroded over the years,” explains Lorraine Bodnarek, Principal for Pendennis Developments. “We hope to change that a little bit by restoring some of our beautiful architecture and preserving it while creating opportunities for small businesses and organizations that are…

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Nestled beside Kingsway Mall, NAIT and the new Blatchford development sits the old Edmonton Oilers Office building. Built in 1974, it was the original home for the franchise until it moved when Rogers Place was completed in 2016 - the hallowed halls a treasure trove of history, memories and wins for the team and for our city.


It’s a property that holds a lot of historical significance to the hockey community but when it went on the market - it was unclear how much of a future it might have, until it was brought forward to a group of local doctors looking for a new home. “It is so historical because it comes right from the beginning of the franchise,” says Kerri-lyn. “That’s what got us excited when our clients came and were interested in…

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Flipping a house into your dream home is a great way to build your investment but it’s certainly not for the faint of heart and can take a lot of money and resources that most already time-stretched families don’t have to spare. If you don’t have a team of HGTV professionals to help you through, another great option to consider might be buying a turn-key home in one of Edmonton’s emerging neighbourhoods. These newer communities are specifically tailored to families and first-time buyers looking to start their next chapter, and they can be an excellent place to build a home. 

A shining example is the northeast community of Crystallina Nera. Perched at the very top of North Edmonton slotted between 82 Street and 66 Street just south of the Anthony…

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Traditional, modern, marble counters or subway tile – the design elements of a kitchen are endless. Range hood or light fixtures over the island? Gas or electric stove? Open shelving or a cabinet for everything.

Uppers? Who needs uppers!

Click here to find the listing of this home at 13804 91 AV NW

Whether you like to cook elaborate meals or order in Skip the Dishes, the kitchen is the centre of the home and most families spend the bulk of their time there. The kitchen is more than just a place to store your groceries and whip up a meal. It’s a gathering place. It’s where conversation happens. Where the kids do their homework on the side of the island, where you pull out your laptop to get a little work in or where you converse and share…

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A big thank-you to super mom, blogger and guest contributor this month Christine Bruckmann from Just Another Edmonton Mommy for partnering with us and for sharing her top tips for keeping your child’s lunch fun and sustainable this back to school season.


I’ve always viewed September as my New Year's. The start of a new season, the start of a new school year, and the perfect time to commit to making some changes. This means that we are actively working to reduce our food waste and are embracing more litterless lunches.

If this idea overwhelms you just thinking about it, don’t worry I’m going through it all too. The time commitment, buying potentially expensive lunch boxes when my kids can’t even bring home a metal spoon, and the loss of…

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On a beautiful warm summer evening in south-east Edmonton, Michele Theoret relaxes and watches her sons play by the water as they frolic with the family dog.  It’s a common pastime for the yoga training instructor and psychology counselor, who values peaceful surroundings in her neighbourhood and life. For this lucky family, the beautiful, enriching environment is accessible not only down the street at the Lake Summerside community beach, but incorporated right into their own home.  

“The house itself has become such a lifestyle,” says Michele. “You’ll notice my meditation corner randomly in my living room instead of having a separate space where I practice -- quite often I'll get up in the morning before everybody gets up and even if it's…

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"Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your home and life around that answer." - Joshua Becker

It’s something we ask every single client we work with, getting to the root of what’s most important in their lives helps steer the direction. For those that love being within walking distance to established amenities or the ones that thrive on a street lined with towering trees and can appreciate the history of Edmonton’s 107 maturing neighbourhoods, infill is an option that’s been gaining substantial momentum in the last decade. 

Over the past ten years the number of building permits issued in mature neighbourhoods has nearly doubled, breathing new life back into these vital areas. It’s a movement not just about…

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Finding a home that is right for you is more than just finding the right house, it’s finding your community, the people and things that excite you, bring you comfort, and make you feel like you are in the place you belong. When looking to fill those needs, the growing and thriving community of Rosenthal should easily be at the top of your list. The community on Edmonton’s far west end, is bordered by 231 Street on the west, Winterburn Road on the east, Whitemud Drive to the south, and to the north by the future extension of Webber Greens Drive. Whether you are a family looking for a community to raise children, or a single working adult wanting a home with easy access to the major arteries, Rosenthal is the community that has something for everyone.

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