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Kerri-lyn here - I wanted to take a moment to connect with all of our clients, friends and members of our community because I know that we are in new territory these days and sometimes where there’s change there can be a lot of uncertainty and it can be tough to forge ahead. 

In times when I’ve needed guidance and inspiration I’ve often reached out to my friend, life coach, mom and Olympic Champion Jamie Sale. Jamie has achieved so much, working her way from Red Deer all the way up to her gold medal win in figure skating and I felt like I could learn a lot from her. I think it’s so important for us to check in with ourselves and continue to learn new strategies to not only cope but thrive in our work, our home lives and even in our personal and professional relationships, especially during stressful times like these. 

From attending her seminars to one-on-one coaching sessions, her positive attitude is infectious. We thought it would be helpful to touch base with Jamie for a few tips to help everyone through this difficult time. So here’s Jamie’s take on how to bust through the fog, carry the weight and break down the roadblocks we’re facing right now and stay on the right track for happiness, positivity and success!

Q: Sometimes stress can really bog us down, especially when it comes to staying motivated and moving forward towards our goals.  Especially amidst these challenging times, what advice can you give individuals out there looking to bust through that stress? 

A: It is really important to start with a vision of what you would love in your life and make sure it is written down. On paper it becomes a plan. From your plan you can set goals and objectives for yourself and organize your schedule with action steps or tasks, even just one a day. When we are organized and have a positive outlook on life (always find the good) we feel much more accomplished and less stressed. The feeling of stress comes from our thinking... about a million different things that we need to do. We are not organized. We do not have a plan. This creates a feeling of anxiousness and stress. But when we have a plan and take action we feel proud and confident.

Q: With uncertain economic times ahead it will be essential for individuals & business owners to get creative in order to find success. What are ways you recommend folks tap into that innovative thinking? 

A: I always encourage my clients no matter the condition or circumstances we are in to be thinking with the mindset of possibility and opportunity. Not an easy task for sure, but when we stay in that mindset a whole lot of resources start to show up for us that we would have otherwise missed. It’s important to do things that you wouldn’t normally do and think outside of the box. Staying in gratitude for everything that we “do have” will also help everybody find the good in the situation which helps us take more positive action steps which then creates different results for us than if we were thinking or focusing on all that is not good right now.

Q: During a time when we're facing an onslaught of negative messages and murky outlooks for the future, why is it so important to remain connected to our dreams?

A:  If your dream is worthy of you then you NEVER give up on it! When we are going through a challenging time it is really important to stay connected to your dreams and BELIEVE in yourself. This time will pass and with a positive attitude you will be stronger for overcoming the adversity. Having the courage to stay committed to what you want to accomplish will help you eventually achieve your dream. This is what champions do! 

Q:  Any words of advice for individuals, especially business owners that are facing some major setbacks right now? 

A: My advice to anyone who is facing major setbacks or extreme challenges is to know that the power inside of us is far greater than anything we will ever face. We are meant to achieve greatness and we are built for all kinds of adversity. We need to tap into that inner power, get out of the victim state and ask yourself, “what do I need to do to?” or “what can I do now to....” instead of, “why is this happening to me?” or “how will I ever get through this?” Ask the universe a quality question and it will respond with a quality answer.

Q: What are you doing personally to remain positive during the outbreak? 

A: For myself and my family it is really important to continually focus on the good. We start our day with gratitude and how fortunate we are for so many reasons, this puts everybody in a state of happiness. We keep ourselves busy with movement: walks, creative workouts as a family, dancing or even cleaning. Laughter through funny movies, playing hide and go seek or board games, reading together, meditating, getting quiet and calm, and then lots of cuddle time. We are thriving!

Q: Is there anything else that you feel is important for folks out there to know right now? 

A: I would really love to tell everybody to please stay strong and know that there is always good that comes from things that we feel are not at the time. It is hard to see that right now but when we are able to trust or believe there is good coming, we feel better.  We act differently and again we receive more successful results. And remember there is incredible power inside of all of us...let’s tap into it!! 

Jamie Sale is an Olympic Gold medalist in figure skating from the 2002 Salt Lake City winter games, and she is also a mother of 2, a wife, a friend, a Motivational Life Coach and an advocate for people with special needs. She is certified through the Life Mastery Institute as a Dream Builder Coach and a Life Mastery Consultant. She takes pride in having the privilege of serving others, helping them live the life that they would love through transformational programs. 

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